Life at MU

Student Services

Muscat University ensures that you study in a supportive, caring environment and that your personal wellbeing is our number one priority. We are committed to providing you with a holistic student experience including  academic and personal counselling for the duration of your studies.

Student Support Unit

The Student Support Unit should be your first point of contact for questions, comments or concerns. In many cases, the staff will be able to deal with your queries. In other cases, the staff will refer you to the appropriate department for resolution of the matter.

Student Counselling Advice

Muscat University provides access to counselling support services. Counsellors will help you find solutions to a range of personal or academic related issues and challenges.

Disability Support

An important aspect of the services provided by the Student Support Unit  is the provision for appropriate advice and support for students with  movement disabilities. This expert advice and support helps promote the success and wellbeing of these groups of students  and enhances their university experience by creating a dynamic environment that allows them to fulfill their personal, academic and professional potential.

The university offers several services to students with disabilities including special parking area and accessible  entrance to the campus.   

Learning Support Services

Muscat University students can access learning support and advice through the dedicated Learning Resource Centre (LRC) located on the 2nd floor of the Muscat University building. There are also dedicated study spaces for you to utilize, such as the discussion rooms on the 2nd and 4th floors where groups can work collaboratively.

“The key to a great student experience is striking a balance between study and play. We have numerous ongoing student activities and clubs to keep you busy outside of the classroom.”

Muscat University’s campus is equipped with a cutting-edge resource centre, a 250-seat auditorium, private study areas and outdoor communal spaces, in addition to onsite car parking, cafes, restaurants, and banking facilities. The campus is conveniently located just off the Sultan Qaboos Highway and only 10km away from Muscat International Airport.

Our facilities include fully equipped computer and chemical engineering laboratories and classrooms fitted with interactive smartboards, ensuring high-quality learning and teaching experiences. Our building has high-speed Wi-Fi throughout, with a Learning Resource Centre providing access to the library, group discussion area and a quiet space for self-study.

For times when you need a break from studying, our Student Common Area is the ideal space to relax with a variety of games for you to unwind including; billiard table, air hockey, table tennis and table foosball.

The University also features an Executive Education Training Centre dedicated to providing bespoke-professional training to Omani and regional organizations and individuals. The basement of the University has a Smart Park system allowing easy parking for staff, students and visitors. 

We empower students to engage and participate in a diverse array of enriching opportunities. Find the student club that’s right for you! You can be part of a lot of excitement at MU. The hardest part is deciding what you’re going to do! Whatever your interest, there’s probably a group that shares your passion at MU. And if there isn’t, consider the opportunity to start your own club!


  • Events Organizers Club
  • Theater Club
  • Yusr Voluntary Club
  • Photography Club
  • Sports Club
  • Music Club
  • Finds Yourself Club
  • Media Club

You can request to start a new club and read the clubs guide here.

Muscat University encourages you to undertake extracurricular activities that expand beyond the fixed curriculum, in areas that involve the following:

  • Sports
  • Community engagement and event
  • Volunteering
  • Project management
  • Placement and work experience
  • Language learning
  • Student Societies and clubs

Student Ambassadors


Muscat University Student Ambassador Program provides current students with the opportunity to represent the university through various events and activities. It is a  select group of 10 students who make a significant contribution to the university community. Working closely with the Student Journey team, they represent and promote MU to current and prospective students, guests and visitors.

International Student?

A Guide to Muscat and your application for Muscat University
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