With the aim of spreading the global intellectual knowledge “The end of Globalisation” lecture at Muscat University

Oct 4, 2018

In our efforts to engage with the local community and provide a platform for thought-leaders to share their views,  Muscat University last week organized a public lecture titled “The End of Globalisation” presented by Professor Lord Meghnad Desai, Chairman of the Official and Financial Institution Forum (OMFIF) Advisory Board, Chairman to UK Labor Party 1986 -1992 and  Founder Chairman of the Maghnad Desai Academy of Economics in Mumbai (MDAE). The lecture was attended by Omani leaders, as well as representatives from public and private sector institutions, students and members of the general public. This was the first in the Public Lecture current academic year 2018/19 organized by Muscat University. The lecture aimed at raising awareness to the opportunities and challenges faced by globalization and to raise awareness on the possible strategies to maximize the gains from globalization at a national level. The lecture also explored scenarios of the future with regards to globalization and de-globalisation, as well as the utilization of the world economy in the interest of the national economy.

During the lecture, Lord Meghnad Desai, highlighted the concept of commission, the explosion of knowledge, the communications revolution and the transformation of the planet into a small village, as well as the repercussions of those factors on multiple levels of human society including economic, cultural, social and political. Further, Lord Desai discussed the emergence of new forms of political governance in human societies, which are based on the opportunity for all parts of society to participate through social media and the major political and economic events that the world has witnessed over the past few decades. The viability of the phenomenon of globalization has been called into question given the changing realities of powers of the world. 

 Professor Yusra Mouzughi, the Vice Chancellor of Muscat University commented that the University is committed to helping Omani society move towards a knowledge society and preparing generations of future leaders that are equipped by scientific knowledge and professional competence gained through exposure to current and topical curricula, seminars and lectures.  These platforms provide a useful base for exchange of ideas for not only students but the wider public.   It is noteworthy that Muscat University continues its commitment to enrich the experience of higher education and to keep pace with the international educational systems in order to link higher education in the Sultanate with the reality and issues of global society. Muscat University’s commitment remains in providing high quality educational programmes that are research-informed and industry engaged and that address the real needs of the job market.