Diploma in Energy Engineering

Study Duration

Two years

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Open to apply 



Advanced Diploma in Energy Engineering

Study Duration

Three years

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Open to apply 


Advanced Diploma

Programme Overview

This Energy Engineering programme is underpinned by  “Sustainability” and “Technology” where the curriculum is designed systematically to provide students with a broad understanding of sustainability in various aspect related to Energy and particularly on decarbonizing the Energy sector. In addition, the aim is to provide students with state of the are Technology required for the 4IR where digitalization and Artificial Intelligence is the major part of Energy industry to improve efficiency and to develop new renewables and their applications such as electric vehicles.

“Energy Engineering” would be a promising programme to be offered as a response to the aforementioned needs in coming years. The focus of this programme is mainly related to renewable energy resources and the associated technologies while energy efficiency and the role of fossil energy and its contribution into the future energy-mix are also covered. It is believed that the near-term energy outlook is a mix of Oil, gas, and renewables. Students learn knowledge, thinking skills, subject-based practical skills, skills for life and work as global citizens.  The BEng Energy Engineering’s graduates will be capable to deal with all Energy Engineering aspects including energy systems design, operation, monitoring and system troubleshooting, project engineering, energy resource management, and a detailed understanding of a range of renewable energy technologies. The main objective of this programme is to prepare fresh, relevant, and innovative Omani engineers for the fulfillment of Oman 2040 vision, where those young engineers can create a balanced development, utilization, and sustainability of natural resources that is a priority to support energy security and the national economy.

Programme Objectives 

  • To provide high level of education and up-to-date knowledge which will enable graduates to handle and manage the latest technologies in energy fields
  • To explore cleaner and more efficient energy sources
  • To investigate and specifying the design of renewable energy systems using renewable and sustainable resources
  • To develop students understanding of the production and efficient use of conventional and renewable energy sources for power generation and modern energy storage solutions
  • To qualify graduates to vast range of careers in production, utilization, energy storage and management, design, research and development, environment control and policy making
  • To prepares future energy engineers for energy challenges in industry
  • To foster multidisciplinary abilities in thinking and execution enabling the future engineers to work on innovative energy generation

Admissions Requirements

Direct entry requirements to the programme for international certificate holders:

A Level

Minimum grades of C in Math, Chemistry and Physics.

English language: Minimum grade C in GCSE or IELTS (Academic): Minimum of 5.0 overall / TOEFL (iBT): Minimum of 64 overall


Minimum 24 points, with minimum score of 3 in Maths and Chemistry at Higher Level or 4 at Standard Level.

English language: Minimum score of 5 in English at Standard level or minimum score of 4 in English at Higher level or IELTS (Academic): Minimum of 5.0 overall/TOEFL (iBT): Minimum of 64 overall

Indian School Certificate

Pass in Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) or Indian State Board Examinations with a score of not less than 55% in Math and Chemistry.

English language:  IELTS (Academic): Minimum of 5.0 overall/TOEFL (iBT): Minimum of 64 overall


Admission requirements for GED certificate holders:

*Applicants with General Education Diploma (GED) or its equivalent (equivalency by the Ministry of Education) will be admitted to the foundation year, subject to satisfying the following criteria:
Certificate Grade
Omani General Education Diploma (GED)

A General Education Diploma pass with:

  • an overall score of 60%
  • a minimum of 55% in English 
  • a minimum of 60% in Pure Maths
  • a minimum of 60% in Chemistry
  • a minimum of 60% in Physics


*Applicants with less than the above entry requirements can still apply and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Exemption from Foundation Year: Applicants with IELTS (Academic) 5.0 or TOEFL (iBT) 64 and IC3 can be exempted from the Foundation Modules if they also pass the MU Math exit test.

*Applicants who successfully completed the foundation year in any other higher education institution can be admitted directly to the programme.


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