BSc Cybersecurity and Cyber Forensics

Study Duration

Four years

Study type


Application deadlines

Open to apply 


Bachelor’s degree

Programme Overview

The B.Sc. Cybersecurity and Cyber Forensics programme aims to provide students with a comprehensive, up-to-date curriculum consisting of theoretical knowledge and practical skills in cybersecurity and cyber forensics. The program develops students’ ability to solve problems, analyze, design, implement, and evaluate technical and non-technical aspects of protecting computer networks and systems from cyber threats. Promote ethical principles and professional leadership, communicate, work in a team, and self-organize to be successful in industry 4.0 career and academia.

Programme Objectives

The BSc Cybersecurity and Cyber Forensics programme  aims to:

  • Identify theoretical knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques relevant to the field of Cybersecurity and Cyber Forensics, such as cryptography, network protocols, intrusion detection systems, digital forensics tools.
  • Solve complex real-world problems in the context of Cybersecurity and Cyber Forensics, demonstrating conceptual skills to define effective business solutions.

  • Apply numeracy, algorithmic, and analytical skills in the development of cybersecurity systems and cyber forensic techniques.

  • Demonstrate leadership principles and engage in lifelong learning for academic careers related to Cybersecurity and Cyber Forensics.

  • Manage teams in the development and implementation of Cybersecurity and cyber forensic systems and technologies, ensuring their successful deployment and operation.

  • Apply ethical, privacy, and security principles when specifying requirements and practical constraints in Cybersecurity and Cyber Forensics solutions.

  • Address the requirements of the fourth industrial revolution (4IR) in the development of Cybersecurity solutions and cyber forensic tools, meeting the demands of emerging technologies and digital transformations.


Admissions Requirements

Direct entry requirements to the programme for international certificate holders:

A Level

Minimum grades C, C, C, and Maths grade C (5) in the IGSCE


Minimum 24 points, plus a minimum score of 3 in Maths at Higher Level or 4 at Standard Level.

Indian School Certificate

Pass in Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) or Indian State Board Examinations with a score of not less than 55% in Math and English.

English language:  IELTS (Academic): Minimum of 5.0 overall/TOEFL (iBT): Minimum of 64 overall


Admission requirements for GED certificate holders:

*Applicants with General Education Diploma (GED) or its equivalent (equivalency by the Ministry of Education) will be admitted to the foundation year, subject to satisfying the following criteria:
Certificate Grade
Omani General Education Diploma (GED)

A General Education Diploma pass with:

    • an overall score of 60%
    • a minimum of 55% in English 
    • a minimum of 60% in Pure Maths OR Applied Maths


*Applicants with less than the above entry requirements can still apply and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Exemption from Foundation Year: Applicants with IELTS (Academic) 5.0 or TOEFL (iBT) 64 and IC3 can be exempted from the Foundation Modules if they also pass the MU Math exit test.

*Applicants who successfully completed the foundation year in any other higher education institution can be admitted directly to the programme.


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