BSc Accounting

& Finance

Study Duration

Four years

Study type


Application deadlines

Open to apply 


Bachelor’s degree

Programme Overview

This programme offers students the opportunity to gain a strong foundation across the main areas of business and management. It also strongly stresses on employability to ensure that graduates are equipped with the required skills for a competitive and dynamic job market. A compulsory placement year ensures students further develop their personal and business skills. The programme covers core areas of strategy, accounting, marketing, and organisational behaviour. The programme also enhances student’s project management and research enquiry skills by gathering and analysing data pertaining to a research problem / business challenge related the field of study.

Programme Objectives

The programme is designed to create a well-rounded graduate who possesses a combination of technical accounting, employability and academic skills and who appreciates the importance of the social, political and organisational context in which accounting exists

The programme aims are as follows:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of core theory and the necessary technical competence in the field of accounting and related management disciplines

  • Apply knowledge with the objective of recommending and justifying appropriate operational and strategic decisions, based on robust analysis and sound judgement Aim 3: Locate, extract, analyse and evaluate data from multiple sources with the objective of forming a reasoned conclusion

  • Apply critical analysis, evaluation, and appropriate reflection towards their own work and that of others

  • Demonstrate appropriate professional skills including effective communication, the ability to think holistically and to work collaboratively

  • Work effectively as independent, proactive, self-managed learners to meet deadlines and successfully complete tasks

  • Take an ethical approach to business situations, promoting social responsibility and cultural sensitivity

    Career Opportunities

    A degree in accounting and finance develops skills that are useful in a range of sectors you will work towards becoming Chartered Accountant, Chartered Certified Accountant, Chartered Management Accountant, Chartered Public Finance Accountant, Investment Banker, Retail Banker or Tax Adviser.

    Admissions Requirements

    Direct entry requirements to the programme for international certificate holders:

    A Level

    Minimum grades of C in three A-Level subjects including Math.

    English language: Minimum grade C in GCSE or IELTS (Academic): Minimum of 5.0 overall / TOEFL (iBT): Minimum of 64 overall


    Minimum 24 points, with minimum score of 3 in Maths at Higher Level or 4 at Standard Level.

    English language: Minimum score of 5 in English at Standard level or minimum score of 4 in English at Higher level or IELTS (Academic): Minimum of 5.0 overall/TOEFL (iBT): Minimum of 64 overall

    Indian School Certificate

    Pass in Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) or Indian State Board Examinations with a score of not less than 55% in Math.

    English language:  IELTS (Academic): Minimum of 5.0 overall/TOEFL (iBT): Minimum of 64 overall

    Admission requirements for GED certificate holders:

    *Applicants with General Education Diploma (GED) or its equivalent (equivalency by the Ministry of Education) will be admitted to the foundation year, subject to satisfying the following criteria:
    Certificate Grade
    Omani General Education Diploma (GED)

    A General Education Diploma pass with:

    • an overall score of 60%
    • a minimum of 55% in English 
    • a minimum of 60% in Pure Maths OR Applied Maths


    *Applicants with less than the above entry requirements can still apply and will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

    Exemption from Foundation Year: Applicants with IELTS (Academic) 5.0 or TOEFL (iBT) 64 and IC3 can be exempted from the Foundation Modules if they also pass the MU Math exit test.

    *Applicants who successfully completed the foundation year in any other higher education institution can be admitted directly to the programme.





            Total 4 years credits: 480 credits.