Muscat University is pleased to recognise academic excellence through it scholarship programme. There are almost 50 partial scholarships available ranging from 10% to 40% of the tuition fee and these scholarships can apply to both Bachelors and Masters programmes.

Applications for scholarships are only considered for those students who have successfully completed the application process and are dealt with on case by case basis by the Scholarship Committee of the University.

The University will use the following criteria when assessing an application for scholarship:

  • Evidence of Academic Background that is strong and relevant.
  • Knowledge of the programme area that the candidate choses to apply to.
  • Quality and breadth of recommendations.
  • Quality of application.
  • Unconditional offer letter by the 31 August 2018

Muscat University are also delighted to partner with Oman Data Park who are making a significant contribution to the scholarship fund.

If you require further information on Scholarships please complete the Contact Us form on this website.