Muscat University is pleased to recognize academic excellence through its scholarship programme. We are delighted to offer following scholarships:

  • For undergraduate applicants Muscat University’s generous new scholarships offer up to 40%of the undergraduate tuition fee for suitable fee-paying applicants.
  • Postgraduate scholarship scheme applicants receiving an offer to study with us can apply for a scholarship worth 20%of the tuition fee.

Applicants may apply for a scholarship once they are in receipt of a conditional offer from Muscat University, this is done by uploading a scholarship application form for which instructions will be given with your offer. Please note, the deadline for submitting your scholarship application form is the 15th August 2020.

1.1 A student may be eligible for Muscat Scholarship if:

  1. They are classed as self-funded student for tuition fee purposes.
  2. They are holding an offer for Foundation, Undergraduate or Postgraduate Taught programme at Muscat University which will start in the academic year commencing September 2020.
  • A student who has all, or part of their fees paid by a sponsor will not be eligible for Muscat University Scholarship.
  • Sponsors include, but are not limited to, your home government or another nation’s government or any local or international organisation or a company.
  • A student may only receive one Muscat Scholarship/discount per programme studied.


  • Where a student is eligible for more than one scholarship/discount the student will be awarded the one of the highest values to the student.

Applications for scholarships are only considered for those students who have successfully completed the application process and are dealt with on case by case basis by the Scholarship Committee of the University. Please note following when applying:

2.1 Students holding an offer to study Foundation, Undergraduate or Postgraduate Taught programme.

2.2 Applicants will be informed by the admission department on the level of scholarship which has been awarded to them.  

The University will use the following criteria when assessing an application for scholarship:

• Your Scholarship Application Form. 
• Evidence of academic background that is strong and relevant.
• Knowledge of the programme area that the candidate choses to apply to.
• That your offer has changed from conditional to unconditional.

4.1 Scholarships are a discount made against the tuition fee applicable to the specific programme of study that the student is seeking to enrol upon.

4.2 Scholarship entitlement will normally be approved before the commencement of the degree programme.

4.3 Scholarships are valid for study on a Foundation, Undergraduate or Postgraduate Taught programme at Muscat University and are not transferable to another University.

4.4 The Scholarships are valid for programmes of study commencing in the academic year 2020/21 only and cannot be transferred to another academic year.

4.5 The Scholarships are valid for the specified programme of study at Muscat University and may not normally be transferred to a different programme.

4.6 If any information provided in the application is found to be false or missing any offer of a Scholarship may be withdrawn. The applicant may be liable for any tuition fees incurred.

4.7 Applicants must meet all conditions of their offer (e.g. offer is conditional on obtaining specified grades) to be eligible for a Scholarship.

4.8 The decision of the awarding and approval process is final. Applicants may appeal against the decision only if they can show that there has been a procedural error. Appeals should be addressed to the scholarship committee.