Dr Sherwin T. Sepe

Lecturer, Faculty of Engineering and Technology


Doctor of Chemical Technology    

Office timings

8:00 AM – 4:00 PM




Dr. Sherwin T. Sepe is a chemical engineering degree holder with master’s in chemistry. He completed his doctoral in chemical technology at the Techno local University of the Philippines in 2012 with a completed Ph.D. in chemistry coursework. He has 5 years of metal industry experience with 24 years of academic experience as a chemical engineering and chemistry lecturer. While teaching, he was simultaneously managing and supervising engineering and science laboratories in different colleges and universities in the Philippines and Oman as a learning and research environment. He was involved in both scientific and descriptive researches. Scientific research like chemical kinetic modeling from any biomass source within the boundary renewable energy including design prototyping. Besides, he was once doing unpolished work related to the natural product and molecular biology in different universities in the Philippines. He was exposed and commissioned in descriptive research in chemical engineering curriculum development in the Philippines in the year 2001 sponsored by the Commission of Higher Education (CHED) Center of Excellence commissioning department. And recently, he is assigned to teach Foundation Chemistry, Chemistry for Engineers and Physical Chemistry for Engineers modules and Process and Product design module.

Research Interest(s)

  • Chemical Kinetic (mathematical) modelling from various biomass sources

  • Renewable Energy from Biomass

Notable Publication(s):

  • Sepe, Sherwin, M. Baccay & Y. Wahaibi. (2013). Biodigester Development and Kinetic Modelling of Biomass Production. Malaysia. International Journals of Engineering Applications (IJEA).

  • Sepe,Sherwin (2001). Inorganic Chemistry Compiled Concepts. Manila. The Philippine Women’s University Local Publishing.

  • Sepe, Sherwin (2001). General and Inorganic Chemistry Laboratory Manual. Manila. The Philippine Women’s University Publishing.

  • Sepe, Sherwin (1999). Biochemistry Essentials  Para-Medical Students Handbook. University of Bohol Publishing Organization.