Muscat University embarks on steps for new campus

Jun 25, 2018

Muscat University Board of Directors agreed to initiate procedures for the master plan for the University’s new campus design in Airport Heights. Muscat University aims at creating an attractive, stable, secure and open learning environment that is in line with the aspirations of the founders and that meets the needs of the regional and local labour market. The University seeks to ensure more consistency with the Sultanate’s vision and future plan. The University will be committed to ensure that its graduates are of high quality and enjoying high degree of competitiveness to achieve the required professional and contribute to the growth of their societies. Khalil bin Abdullah al Khoonji, Chairman of Muscat University BoD, said that during the past period, the BoD has been closely following up the criteria for selecting the final design of the campus by international companies in a bid to ensure that the building is aesthetically unique and reflects the University’s status as a high quality and innovative university.