Muscat-Aston joint academic proposal has been accepted for funding by the British Council

May 5, 2018

The project proposal by Muscat University and Aston university for a Joint Academic Development Centres Grant has been successful and accepted for funding by the British Council. The Joint Academic Development Centres Grants are part of the UK Government’s Gulf Science Innovation and Knowledge Economy (GSIKE) Programme to support long term relationships between academia in the UK and the Gulf.

Project title:

Collaborative research towards renewable fuels and value-added chemicals.

Project PI from Muscat University:

Dr. Nader Mosavat, Director of Programmes, Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Project PI from Aston University:

Dr Daniel J. Nowakowski, Lecturer in Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry and EBRI Laboratories Manager This UK-Oman joint research project will cover renewable energy. Bringing together researchers from the Aston and Muscat universities, the project seeks to better understand the renewable fuels and processes for value-added chemicals. The scientists and researchers at Aston and Muscat will work together to ensure these collaborations achieve maximum impact for the UK and the Sultanate and establish long-term partnerships in key research areas. Muscat and Aston universities are also delivering three undergraduate programmes across engineering and technology, business and management and transport and logistics that will give students dual-degree certifications from both institutions.