MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management students benefit from cutting edge E-Auction Procurement Software

Mar 22, 2018

Muscat University MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management students are engaged in gaining practical knowledge of the role and use of automated and web-based applications used in procurement and supply operations. E-auctions using Bravo Advantage software for visibility, insight and transparency to power and improve procurement initiatives and decisions are an integrated feature of the course which is overseen and delivered by Cranfield University UK in Partnership with Muscat University. These Master students will leave the programme with capability for the use of powerful procurement tools and techniques to analyse and evaluate suppliers and supply markets, a skill now essential for global sourcing and procurement and which gives full transparency to supply chain management. The MSc course explores the subject of procurement and supply in the industrial and commercial context, explaining its role and purpose within the supply chain. The students are currently applying the skills and information needed by procurement professionals, together with the use of specific tools and techniques employed in managing the procurement function. Evaluation of emergent technologies within e-procurement is critical to improve both process and cost management within procurement activity in any public or private sector organisation.