Engineering Students summer training at Ejaad

Dec 8, 2019

Chemical Engineering students at the Faculty of Engineering and Technology in Muscat University, completed e a summer training at Ejaad requiring them to apply their theoretical knowledge, acquired during their first year in Bachelor level studies, in a real-life professional environment. The Engineering faculty is proud to announce that all  trainee students successfully passed both groups.

In the  first group, Rayan Al-Farsi and Shahla Al-Hassani  worked on:

1. An analysis of the  interlinkages between Ejaad and Oman Vision 2040.

2. Potential solutions to the industrial challenge: Rich carbon dioxide from the acid removal unit as a petrochemical raw material.

3. Research on Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Technologies.

The second group consisting of, Nour Al-Yahya and Roaa Al-Rashidi researched on an algae culture project (seaweed type) looking at:

1. The theoretical framework of the project of producing biofuels from seaweed through the study and extraction of concepts on this subject from more than 10 – 15 scientific papers published worldwide.

2. Studying the chemical analysis process for the production of bioethanol and biokerosene from seaweed.

3. Transforming the scientific project into an investment opportunity.

Obtaining the certificate of Ejaad  is a reflection of high levels of scientific knowledge and practices. Students in the engineering programme are required  to have such training and practical  experiences with clear objectives and strategies before entering the labor market  At Muscat university student’s awareness and readiness of the placement year which will be in the third year of the Bachelor level studies.

After completing the training phase, student Rayan Al-Farsi shared that the summer training is an effective way to develop his abilities,  acquire new skills and expand his concepts and view of working life, “I made sure during the training period that I do not miss this golden opportunity, so I put all the questions that came to mind, and the environment of Ejaad a very suitable to nurture passion for scientific studies”.