Dear Muscat University (MU)  new students,

Yesterday you were a  high school graduate, and now you are an undergraduate student at MU. Congratulations! All your hard work has paid off.

We know you are eagerly waiting for information regarding the start of your academic journey especially with the current COVID 19 situation below are some updates in this regard:

  • Your Orientation Week is still online as announced earlier and it is postponed to Sunday 27th of September 2020. We will send you more details in future.
  • The first day of study will be 4th of October 2020. Your classes timetable will be ready during the Orientation Week.

Placement Tests:

  • As informed earlier,  there will be no Diagnostic/Placement Tests. Students will be assigned into groups depending on their results in the General Education Diploma
  • Student can be waived from taking the English or Computer modules in the first Term if you are able to provide evidence of  the following:

o IELTS English Certificate with an overall mark of 6.0

o Computer Certificate IC3

Study type:

  • As a foundation student, you will be studying three modules in the first Term (English, Math, Computer Fundamentals1).

o Computer Fundamentals 1 Module will be delivered 100% online.

o English & Maths Modules will be delivered 100% face-to-face (physical setting)  at the university campus.

For enquiries, please call 24645488/24645444 or email us on 

Dear Students: congratulations!

Welcome to Muscat University and we are happy to have you as our new cohort for the academic year 2020-2021.

Kindly find below the instructions for you to complete your registration with Muscat University

  1. You have received your offer on 19th August 2020 through the Higher Education Admission Centre (HEAC), make sure that you have accepted your offer in the HEAC system through the link:
  2. As soon as you accepted your seat you will receive a message from HEAC that you have accepted the offer.
  3. At the same time, you will receive SMS message from Muscat University (MU) with a link to this page.
  4. To complete your registration with Muscat University you need to fill an application form. Below we have provided you with a short video where you can see how to fill the application. (please make sure to watch this video before you start the application).
  5. When you are ready please click “complete application here” to fill the application.
  6. After submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation email from MU.
  7. Muscat University Admission Team will register you in HEAC system after checking your application and uploaded documents. Then you will receive a confirmation SMS message from HEAC system that you have registered with Muscat University. (here you completed your registration with Muscat University)


Please click the button to complete your application


Watch the video below for instructions on completing your application.

Important Notes:

  1. Please use a valid e-mail and a valid mobile number. It is preferred to be your e-mail and your mobile number.
  2. You will need the following documents to upload them with your application
      1. General Education Diploma grade sheet
      2. Your Oman Identity Card (ID)
      3.  Personal photo (to be used to issue your MU student’s card)
      4. Any other documents such as (social security card, IELTS certificate and IC3 certificate or any other documents)
  3. As you are sponsored by MOHE you will have to open a file with MOHE system. MU will contact you on a later stage about this process through SMS and e-mail.
  4. Given the Covid 19 pandemic conditions, there will be no Diagnoses/Placement Tests for you. More information about your study will be communicated during September. 
  5. Orientation week is expected to start Sunday, 13th of September 2020.
  6. Classes are expected to start on 20th of September 2020.
  7. Muscat University will keep you updated on all the details regarding your studies.
  8. If you are looking for a hostel/accommodation  please check the available list by clicking here (English / Arabic ). Please note that:  the first hostel(Golden Deserts)  is recommended by Ministry of Higher Education.
  9. For more inquiries, please contact the email address: or contact the following numbers: 2464 5428, 2464 5488, 2464 5444. 

Wishing you all the best in your studies Journey at Muscat University