Mariam Jedda

BEng Chemical Engineering

Muscat University is providing me with a life changing experience. I am developing the necessary academic and life skills to help me reach my potential on my degree program and beyond. 
I have also had the opportunity to utilise the university’s numerous unique facilities, as well as be part of its welcoming and inviting staff and student body.

Yumna Al Farsi
BSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management

I have always dreamed of entering a prestigious and distinguished institution like Muscat University. I believe that this is the ideal and most suitable university for my talents. Muscat University is building an excellent reputation and always listens to its students. Muscat University provides students with a high standard of education, where student will receive an internationally recognised degree from the University itself and from Aston University in the UK. It also guarantees me a one- year job placement which is invaluable as it gives me the opportunity to experience the labor market and my future workplace.

Almulham Al Habsi
BSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management

I have chosen Muscat University because, having researched my options, I found out that it has a partnership with Aston University and that the students get a degree from both Aston University and Muscat University. In addition to that it, my degree also includes a work experience year which I think is essential.

Abdullah Al Samarraie
BEng Chemical Engineering

I was sceptical about entering a new university but then I said to myself this is a new adventure why not try it. I registered and having done that I started the first day at the university where I was greeted by what I think is the best staff can be found anywhere in this world . They were like close friends and the teachers are like my second family , they are all friendly and you can literally tell them whatever is in your mind. Most importantly the teaching is top notch with excellent explanations and one of the best environments ever. In Muscat University I’ve learnt that where ever you stay, people around you are the one who will make you feel like you are at home.

Mutasim Al Kindi
MSc Management and Entrepreneurship

The Management & Entrepreneurship programme is helping me to fulfill my potential towards Entrepreneurship. The combination of the high class facilities at Muscat University and the expertise of staff is assisting me on the process of reaching the ultimate outcome by implementation of theory, group discussions, team work and real examples and stories along with the on-field exposure.

Hector Miguel
MSc Finance & Management
The MSc Finance & Management programme, delivered through a partnership of Cranfield University and Muscat University, has provided a platform for an interdisciplinary and focused approach on learning that has been remarkably effective in producing highly productive and innovative individuals, geared up for the financial services industry. The programme has helped me grasp the key concepts in finance and management, and allowed for discussions of professional experiences while administering lectures with top-notch facilities. The university will expose students to diverse sets of ideas and assist in opening channels for life after university. I have no doubt of the potential of Muscat University in the region.