Student Services


Student Affairs Desk

The Student Affairs Desk should be students’ first point of contact for questions, comments or concerns. In many cases, the staff at the Desk will be able to deal with the matter; in other cases, the staff will refer the student to the appropriate department for resolution of the matter.

Student counselling

Muscat University’s Counselling Unit is a key part of the Student Affairs Department. The counsellors can help students find solutions to a range of personal and academic-related issues and challenges. The service is offered free of charge to all students, whether undergraduate or postgraduate, and whether full-time or part-time. Counselling sessions are held on a confidential, one-to-one basis. However, some group sessions or workshops should also be held to cover more generic issues such as confidence-building, stress management and time management. Counselling staff are committed to providing a service which is inclusive, responsive, flexible and professional.

Disability support

An important part of the service provided by the Student Affairs team is the provision of appropriate advice and support for students with disabilities. This expert advice and support helps promote the success and well-being of such students and enhances their student experience. In so doing, it plays a key role in enabling the University to realise its inclusive vision, championing best practice and creating a dynamic environment allowing every student to fulfill their personal, academic and professional potential.

Financial support

Some students may wish to speak with a dedicated member of the Student Affairs Department about financial matters. Advice can be provided on topics such as funding information, including scholarship and bursary provision, budgeting, and the availability or otherwise of hardship funds.

Student activities

Muscat University encourages students to undertake extracurricular activities that fall outside the normal curriculum, including the following:

  • Budding - mentoring - peer support
  • Sports - community engagement - volunteering
  • Events - project management - enterprise
  • Internships - placements - work experience
  • Cultural awareness - language learning - study abroad
  • Students’ Union/Association - Student Societies
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