MSc Management and Entrepreneurship

MSc Management and Entrepreneurship

MSc Management and Entrepreneurship With Cranfield University


1 year / 2 years

Study type

Full-Time / Part-Time

Credit hours



Taught modules 60%, individual project 40%


Tuition Fees : OMR 8,200

Programme Details

The MSc in Management and Entrepreneurship adds value to applicants’ first degrees by providing individuals with integrated and critical awareness of management and organisations, subsequently developing a specialised focus in entrepreneurship, and assisting them in pursing an entrepreneurial career. This degree programme is one of a set of postgraduate programmes designed by Cranfield University and offered at Muscat University. This is a dual degree programme, leading to the award of a Cranfield University degree and a Muscat University degree

Programme Objectives

The MSc in Management and Entrepreneurship aims to:

  • Provide students with a comprehensive and advanced understanding of the impact of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial processes at multi- levels.
  • Create opportunities for students to develop critical perspectives on theories and to review and evaluate the appropriateness that underpin the constituent entrepreneurship and management subjects.
  • Develop students’ capabilities to critically analyse the current issues in the field of management and entrepreneurship.
  • Enhance students’ lifelong learning through the development of management and entrepreneurship knowledge.

Admission Requirements

We welcome applications from talented candidates of all backgrounds and each application is considered on its individual merit. Usually candidates must hold either a:

• Minimum of a “Good” undergraduate degree from an Oman institution in a relevant discipline, OR
• first or a second class UK honours degree in a relevant discipline, OR
• international degree - equivalent of UK qualifications

Candidates who do not meet these criteria may be considered if they have they have a minimum of 3 years' relevant work experience.

In addition, candidates will be required to show proficiency in English evidenced by:

• a minimum IELTS score of 6.5, including a minimum of 6.5 in the Writing component of the test, OR
• Successful completion of the Muscat University Pre-sessional programme

Students will be required to take all twelve core modules (120 credits).
Students will also be required to submit a thesis (80 credits). (200 credits in total)
Core Modules
Module Number Module Title
1 Marketing Strategy
2 Managing People & Organisations
3 Managing Profitability, Liquidity & Asset Utilisation
4 Managing Operations
5 Entrepreneurship
6 Family Business Management
7 Strategic Management
8 Disruptive Innovation
9 Managing Business Growth
10 Entrepreneurial Finance
11 Corporate Entrepreneurship
12 Social Entreprise & Intrapreneurism
13 Research Methods & Statistics
14 Thesis

Msc Management and Entrepreneurship
Academic Calendar 2018 - 2019

Orientation Day : Sunday, 16th September (compulsory for all students)
Week MSc MENT module* Full Time Students Part Time Year 1 Part Time Year 2
23 - Sep Orientation      
08 - 11 Oct Induction + Entrepreneurship      
14 - 18 Oct Disruptive Innovation      
28 Oct - 01 Nov Marketing Strategy      
04 Nov - 08 Nov Managing Business Growth      
25 - 29 Nov Strategic Operations Leadership      
9 - 13 Dec Exam Week (1 exam) 1 Exam   1 Exam
13 -17 Jan Accounting and Finance      
20 - 24 Jan Entrepreneurial Finance      
03 - 07 Feb Family Business Management      
10 - 14 Feb Organisational Behaviour: Application      
24 - 28 Feb Corproate Entrepreneurship      
03 - 07 Mar Social Entrepreneurship      
10 - 14 Mar Exam Week (2 exams) 2 Exams 2 Exams  
14 - 18 Apr Research Methods      
21 - 25 Apr Strategic Management      
12 - 13 May Exam Week (1 exam) 1 Exam 1 Exam  
10 - 14 Jun Resit Exam Week      
1 - 5 Sep Thesis Defence      
*Module dates may be subject to change, attendance is compulsory. Exam dates will be determined at a later date.

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