Air Transport Marketing

Air Transport Marketing

Air Transport Marketing


Five Days, 40 Hours


600 OMR



3rd – 7th February 2019


Course Details

To provide students with knowledge, understanding and skills in airline marketing.





Target Participants

This short course will be of particular interest to airline industry professionals and others engaged in the management of air transport, directly or indirectly.


Learning Outcomes

  • Describe the characteristics of the main segments of airline markets
  • Identify and explain the key issues in planning airline products and the importance of product differentiation
  • Use marketing research approaches to investigate airline and airport markets
  • Assess the links between advertising, promotion, branding and customer loyalty
  • Describe the current issues in airline distribution
  • Collect information from a variety of electronic (internet) and hard copy sources to support research
  • Appraise and critique the work of other practitioners and specialists
  • Communicate effectively, in written form, research work produced
  • Take responsibility for research produced, including efficient time management, working to set deadlines and targets, demonstrating self-discipline, creative thinking and critical reflections of your own performance
  • Collaborate and contribute effectively to group workshops and assignments, appreciating the contributions made by other team members.