Five Days, 40 Hours


600 OMR




23rd -27th June 2019


Course Details

The module provides a thorough grounding in the role and operation of warehouses including the range of storage and handling equipment, the design of warehouses and the use of information technology.  It emphasises on the strategic use of methods to analyse the wide range of available options. Additionally, the module focuses on developing the students’ ability to discern and use appropriate warehouse design techniques.

This module is taught in light of the wider context of an organisation’s supply chain strategy and, thus, equips students with the means to tackle the warehousing aspects of complex supply chain problems.






Target Participants

Team leaders, supervisors and managerial from any logistics and supply chain sector operational context.


Learning Outcomes

  • A sound appreciation of the role of warehousing within modern supply chains.
  • A comprehensive knowledge of the range and applicability of equipment types used for warehouse operations.
  • A practical understanding of recent developments and trends in warehouse technology and information systems.
  • A conceptual understanding of principles, methodologies and practices employed in the design and management of warehouses and their operations.
  • A systematic understanding of how warehouse design decisions should be made with regard to the various options for layout, equipment, staffing and operational processes.
  • The ability to analyse alternative methods of warehouse operations in a systematic way, with regard to layout, equipment, processes and supporting information technology.
  • The ability to summarise and critically discuss how a warehouse should be designed to meet an organisation’s supply chain strategy.
  • The ability to assess and evaluate warehousing issues within complex supply chains.