Project Management Introduction

Project Management Introduction

Project Management Introduction


Five Days, 40 Hours


600 OMR



28th April – 2nd May 2019


Course Details

Project Management Introduction (PMI) demonstrates how management respects no boundaries (either in terms of functional silos – departments, etc. or theoretical disciplines). PMI provides additional opportunities to practice personal communication skills, and generally the module provides a basis for personal development and increased confidence and self-awareness.





Target Participants

Supervisory and managerial personnel involved in current and future change management projects


Learning Outcomes

  • Develop an Executive Summary (a concise one page overview of the project) linking the project to higher level organisational objectives.
  • Scope the project by creating a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).
  • Identify key task sequences and the critical path using network (logic) diagramming.
  • Set up a graphical representation of the schedule using the bar chart (Gantt), and track progress against the baseline schedule.
  • Use knowledge of resource availability to adjust schedules (resource levelling) and establish realistic milestones, lead times and deadlines.
  • Recognise appropriate levels of detail for the scoping and scheduling process, the change management, the progress reporting requirements and the delivery.
  • Develop and manage budgets and cash flow for a project.
  • Have used Earned Value techniques to assess achievement and produce forecasts.
  • Brief and manage consultant project staff on behalf of your organisation.