Principles of Strategic Procurement

Principles of Strategic Procurement

Principles of Strategic Procurement


Five Days, 40 Hours


600 OMR



17th – 21st March 2019


Course Details

The course will explore the subject of procurement and supply in the industrial and commercial context, explaining its role and purpose within the supply chain. You will learn how procurement has developed, the skills and information needed by procurement professionals, the academic theory and knowledge accumulated on the subject area and the use of specific tools and techniques employed in managing the procurement function. In addition we will explore and use some of the recently emerged technologies within e-procurement which are designed to improve both process and cost management.





Target Participants

Team members leaders, supervisors, middle and senior management from any procurement and supply management operational context.


Learning Outcomes

  • Understanding of the purpose of the procurement function and its role in the organisation.
  • Have an understanding of both strategic and tactical issues in the management of procurement.
  • Appreciation of the processes involved in procurement and their wider relevance to the supply chain processes of the organisation.
  • Practical knowledge of the role and use of automated and web-based applications used in procurement and supply operations.
  • Use tools and techniques to analyse and evaluate suppliers and supply markets.
  • Apply segmentation models to spending within an organisation.
  • Develop a procurement strategy, relevant to the supply chain and operational needs of the organisation.