Global Energy: Present Status and Future Trends

Global Energy: Present Status and Future Trends

Global Energy: Present Status and Future Trends


Two Days, 12 Hours


200 OMR



20-21 April 2020


Course Details

Energy is fundamental to modern life. It is essential to human advance and to enhancing living standards for billions of individuals over the globe. In Global Energy Update course, we survey the present status of Energy supply and demand and introduce projections for the worldwide view of the energy market through longer terms. This course will help various energy-related government, public, and private sectors in their policy revision, sustainability, and long-term investments. It likewise features the dual challenge of ensuring the world approaches reasonable and dependable energy supplies while diminishing emissions to address the risk of environmental change.





Target Participants

Government sector dealing with various aspects of Energy: policy, research, technology, etc. Private sector in Energy (oil and gas, renewable, research, education): executives, directors, managers, and professionals.


Learning Outcomes

  1. To acquire an in-depth and up-to-date understanding of the energy supply and demand, current challenges, and the market drivers
  2. To understand the longer-term energy mix, and the extent of fossil fuel dominancy in coming years, locally and globally.
  3. To familiarize with the fundamental changes in the energy industry caused by market forces, geo-politics and emerging technologies.
  4. To acquire the latest energy trends, innovations, and dynamic forces that impact how energy is produced and distributed.