Developing Research Proposals

Developing Research Proposals

Developing Research Proposals


Three Days, 18 Hours


OMR 300





Course Details

This course is aimed at individuals about to embark on a large piece of research.  Whilst the aim of the course is not to teach a specific research method, it focusses on developing an overall understanding of the research process, design of research projects and provides handy hints and tips on do’s and don’ts for researchers.  The course will help you in structuring writing a research proposal that will include all the necessary elements expected by research centres, Higher Education Institutions and research supervisors both locally and internationally. 



A basic understanding of the importance and value of research and some appreciation of basic research methods.


Target Participants

Students about to start a Masters or PhD theses and those undertaking large research projects.


Learning Outcomes

  • Formulate concise research aim and objectives
  • Appreciate the purpose of the research proposal
  • Identify the elements that constitute research projects
  • Understand overall research design
  • Recognize the importance of systematic data collection and management in the research process
  • Appreciate ethical considerations in research