Giving Professional Presentations

Giving Professional Presentations

Giving Professional Presentations


Three Days, 18 Hours


OMR 300



26-28 January 2020


Course Details

This course prepares you with the skills and language required to give effective-professional-workplace presentations. You will practice giving a presentation and receive detailed feedback on your performance.



It is essential that participants have a good command of the English Language.


Target Participants

Company employees who are required to prepare, construct and deliver presentations as part of their work/career.


Learning Outcomes

  • To provide participants with the language required to give a professional workplace presentation e.g. transition language, opening & closing a presentation etc.
  • To equip participants with the skills to be able to construct and deliver an effective workplace presentation e.g. PPT creation, use of body language, asking and answering questions etc.
  • To give the participants the opportunity to prepare and deliver a presentation with feedback from the trainer.