Writing Professional Reports and Emails

Writing Professional Reports and Emails

Writing Professional Reports and Emails


Three Days, 18 Hours


OMR 300




20 – 22 January 2019


Course Details

Being able to convey information in a concise and professional manner is a key skill required in all companies and industries. This course equips you with the organizational, structural and design skills used in writing effective reports and knowledge and language required to be able to write professional emails.



It is essential that participants have a good command of the English Language.


Target Participants

  • Employees who are required to write professional reports as part of their work/career.
  • Anyone who is frequently has to use email as a means of communication within the workplace.


Learning Outcomes

  • To further knowledge of the organization, structure and written style used in professional, business reports.
  • To focus on the recommendations section of a report.
  • To learn how to write an Executive Summary.
  • To improve language and writing in describing graphs, figures and data.
  • To practice writing a short business report on an issue related to each individual’s work.
  • To further knowledge and language in email essentials.
  • To improve email writing style and language in the genres of email commonly used within the organization.