GCHQ Certified e-Learning Courses Muscat University, NSSG & Templar Executives

Muscat University, in collaboration with National Security Services Group (NSSG) and Templar Executives, is today proud to announce the launch of two world class Cyber Security Courses delivering knowledge of best practices in Cyber Security to all our citizens. This exciting initiative will contribute to the national strategy for a sustainable knowledge-based economy by providing easy to access and assimilate, training and education, that supports the upskilling of individuals and the development of a Digital Society for Oman.

The two courses, covering Cyber Security Awareness and the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) are certified by the world famous British Intelligence Agency GCHQ. On successful completion of each course, candidates will receive a personalised certificate carrying the seal of GCHQ as well as Muscat University. Both courses can be accessed through the portal on the Muscat University website at

GCHQ Certified Courses - Cyber Security Awareness e-Learning and General Data Protection (GDPR) Awareness e-Learning

Templar Executives’ comprehensive GCHQ Certified Cyber Security Awareness (CSA) e-Learning and GCHQ Certified General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) e-Learning courses are both designed to be completed in 35-40 minutes and 20-25mis respectively. The CSA course will enable organisations to raise their level of Cyber Security awareness and knowledge quickly, efficiently and effectively. This course will provide a holistic overview and understanding of Cyber Security, including the latest trends and threats such as Malware, Phishing, and Ransomware attacks and the Insider Threat. The GDPR course provides knowledge of the EU General Data Protection Regulation enforced from 25th May 2018. This important legislation has wide-reaching impacts for all organisations who collect, manage, process and store personally identifiable and personal sensitive data for EU citizens— anywhere in the world. It therefore, applies to every Omani organisation and individual operating, or wishing to trade, in Europe or using data from European Economic Area. The course covers the critical topics which will help learners understand the main principles of the GDPR. It also summarises roles and responsibilities and introduces key steps and guidance for both individuals and organisations to prepare for the GDPR and operate successfully where it is in force.

About Muscat University

Muscat University is a new, high quality international university located in the centre of Muscat. The university has a strong global commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship with close connections to the business communities of Oman and the wider region.

About NSSG

National Security Services Group (NSSG) is a cyber security firm located in the Sultanate of Oman. NSSG is designed to assist the private and government sectors determine their in-depth threats and provide solutions, which alleviates and reduces the risk in the ever growing world today.

About Templar Executives

Templar Executives is an award winning, international Cyber Security company trusted by Governments and multi-national organisations with an established international Cyber Academy. The company’s unique capability and experience optimises business outcomes through a holistic and tailored portfolio of Cyber Security services and solutions encompassing people, process, culture and technology. Templar Executives operates at the highest levels, helping shape national and corporate strategies and policies, and working with organisations to embed best practices and sustainable cyber resilience capability that provides a competitive business edge.

Muscat-Aston joint academic proposal has been accepted for funding by the British Council

The project proposal by Muscat University and Aston university for a Joint Academic Development Centres Grant has been successful and accepted for funding by the British Council. The Joint Academic Development Centres Grants are part of the UK Government’s Gulf Science Innovation and Knowledge Economy (GSIKE) Programme to support long term relationships between academia in the UK and the Gulf.

Project title:

Collaborative research towards renewable fuels and value-added chemicals.

Project PI from Muscat University:

Dr. Nader Mosavat, Director of Programmes, Faculty of Engineering and Technology

Project PI from Aston University:

Dr Daniel J. Nowakowski, Lecturer in Chemical Engineering and Applied Chemistry and EBRI Laboratories Manager This UK-Oman joint research project will cover renewable energy. Bringing together researchers from the Aston and Muscat universities, the project seeks to better understand the renewable fuels and processes for value-added chemicals. The scientists and researchers at Aston and Muscat will work together to ensure these collaborations achieve maximum impact for the UK and the Sultanate and establish long-term partnerships in key research areas. Muscat and Aston universities are also delivering three undergraduate programmes across engineering and technology, business and management and transport and logistics that will give students dual-degree certifications from both institutions.

MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management students benefit from cutting edge E-Auction Procurement Software

Muscat University MSc Logistics and Supply Chain Management students are engaged in gaining practical knowledge of the role and use of automated and web-based applications used in procurement and supply operations. E-auctions using Bravo Advantage software for visibility, insight and transparency to power and improve procurement initiatives and decisions are an integrated feature of the course which is overseen and delivered by Cranfield University UK in Partnership with Muscat University. These Master students will leave the programme with capability for the use of powerful procurement tools and techniques to analyse and evaluate suppliers and supply markets, a skill now essential for global sourcing and procurement and which gives full transparency to supply chain management. The MSc course explores the subject of procurement and supply in the industrial and commercial context, explaining its role and purpose within the supply chain. The students are currently applying the skills and information needed by procurement professionals, together with the use of specific tools and techniques employed in managing the procurement function. Evaluation of emergent technologies within e-procurement is critical to improve both process and cost management within procurement activity in any public or private sector organisation.

Muscat University and NTI sign a Memorandum of Understanding

National Training Institute (NTI) Oman and Muscat University have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) within several fields aiming at recognizing the mutual benefits to be gained through a cooperative programme promoting scholarly activities and international understanding in the areas of engineering, technology, business and management.
The agreement has been ratified by Professor Costas Chryssou, the Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Finance and Administration of Muscat University and Mr. Lawrence Alva, Chief Executive Officer of NTI Oman. The two organisations will work together to develop appropriate professional development activities, of interest to both organisations and the engineering and business communities. The agreement concerns the subject areas of student visits, offering of education programmes and short courses, NTI’s graduate progression to Engineering programmes at Muscat University, Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activities, student projects, training and research collaboration in the broad area of Engineering & Technology and Business & Management.
Mr. Lawrence Alva, CEO of NTI said: “NTI is very exited to be associated and collaborating with Muscat University in an earnest endeavor to develop competent and capable graduates for the Omani market place. This association brings together two essential elements of graduate development i.e. Academic Excellence and Vocational Competence. I firmly believe that this initiative will meet employer’s expectations of fresh graduates; a fine blend of academic excellence and hands on competence”.
Professor Costas Chryssou, Deputy Vice-Chancellor of Muscat University said: “This agreement reflects our University’s efforts to foster strong links with industry and the vocational training sector as a means of producing career-ready graduates with advanced skills that employers value and need. This MoU will allow our University to continue providing industry informed education producing new workers with a more rounded skillset who are better prepared for the future work environment”.
Dr. Nader Mosavat, Director of Engineering and Technology Department at Muscat University added: “As highlighted in Oman Energy Master Plan 2040, the alignment between Oman’s Industry and Academia must be urgently improved. This agreement is a step forward toward merging academic and vocational training programs with the aim of producing work-ready graduates. NTI has the capacity to bridge the industry-academic gap and to contribute as a linking professional body among various sectors” NTI, the premier training institute in the Sultanate, has been developing competent Omani workforce over the last three decades in collaboration with the private sector employers. In line with it’s mission; “To empower individuals and organisations to succeed through learning”
NTI has been training and employing thousands of Omani youth in diverse industry segments. The capability and expertise of NTI has been enhanced through Babcock International Group (UK), its parent company.
Muscat University’s vision is to transform individuals and communities through excellence in teaching, learning and research producing the leaders of the future in both the public and private sectors. The Muscat University programmes combine academic rigour with relevance to the world of work, producing career-ready graduates.
Muscat University, recognising industry’s need for career-ready graduates, has launched Bachelors programmes, delivered in partnership with Aston University in the UK, that include a mandatory year of industrial work placement, as part of the degree programme. Through these sandwich placements students will gain a broad range of professional experience, both technical training and personal development opportunities, that will equip them with the skills they need to succeed in their chosen career.
Muscat University Masters programmes are delivered in partnership with Cranfield University in the UK and are designed to deliver rich theoretical knowledge in conjunction with practical skills that meet the requirements of 21 st Century industry. All of the MSc programmes are research and industry-informed to ensure the most up-to- date learning and teaching experience.

Open Day At Muscat University

Muscat University held its first Open Day of 2018 on 26th February. We were delighted to welcome prospective students who listened to comprehensive presentations on the University, our UK partners and the range of programmes on offer. Muscat University is now open for enrollments for its September 2018 intake. More details on our programmes can be found at Keep an eye out on our Social Media and Website for future Open Days at the University.

Guidance Counsellors Visit Muscat University

Muscat University was honored to host a visit this week from almost 130 Guidance Counsellors representing Public Schools throughout Muscat and surrounding regions. The Counsellors are an important link to prospective students who are currently preparing for the General Education Diploma / Thanawiya state examinations. Professor Yusra Mouzughi, Vice Chancellor of Muscat University, met with the group and spoke to them about the mission and values of the University and also explained the importance of the links being established by the university with industry partners to ensure that students are prepared to a very high level to contribute to the strategic goals of Oman.

Public Lecture Series – Mr Raoul Restucci

Muscat University was delighted to launch the first of its Public Lecture Series this week. The lecture was delivered by Mr. Raoul Restucci, Managing Director of Petroleum Development Oman (PDO) on the subject of Energy Transition. The audience, which included distinguished members of Government, the University Board and Industry, were enthralled by the glimpse into the future of energy production and consumption provided by Mr Restucci. Muscat University will announce further lectures in the series shortly, please follow our accounts on Linkedin, Facebook and Twitter to keep up to date with all the news relating to future events at Muscat University.

Dr. Nader Mosavat, director of programmes in the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, is attending SPE/EAGE Tar Mats & Heavy Oil Workshop:

Dr. Nader Mosavat, director of programmes in the Faculty of Engineering and Technology, is attending SPE/EAGE Tar Mats & Heavy Oil Workshop: Fluid Characterisation and Development/Operational Challenges. The workshop will be held in Dubai, UAE on 29 - 31 Jan 2018 and will cover the fundamentals, practical aspects and lessons learned from heavy oil and tar mat case studies. He is a member of the conference committee as well as technical session chairperson for sessions 2 “Modeling/Reservoir Simulation” and session 3 “Reservoir Management”. He is also going to present his recent research activities on “Chemical Additives for Thermal Heavy Oil Recovery”.

MSc Management & Entrepreneurship students presenting on the future of Health Technology

The students of the Disruptive Innovation (DIN) class in the MSc Entrepreneurship Programme made a presentation on innovative wearable technology that may disrupt the existing product or service lines. The presentation was attended by the VC, faculty members and an enthusiastic group of students. The product idea that was shared in the presentation using a business canvas seems to have a huge potential in the health sector in the near future and a wide range of clients such as hospitals, parents, police, etc. in Oman and the region can be the direct beneficiaries. The students will now work on a formal project as part of the DIN module. The module has been delivered by Dr. Clive Savory of Cranfield School of Management, 21-25 January, 2018.

A group of Muscat University students, academic staff and administrators visited the Royal Opera House

A group of Muscat University students, academic staff and administrators visited the Royal Opera House of Muscat, The Sultanate of Oman. The trip was for a culture and knowledge learning experience for the students of one of the Sultanate’s most important cultural sites. The Royal Opera House Head of Education and Outreach gave a talk on the role the Opera House plays to exchange culture, creativity and art. Those attending were introduced to the events and activities hosted by the Royal Opera House and given a tour of the building emphasizing the beauty of the architecture and design which was inspired by traditional Islamic, Omani heritage. The students and staff were shown a wonderful display of historical, musical instruments and costumes. This trip was organized as part of Muscat University’s goal to build synergies with the local community and inculcate its students with an understanding of the role culture and creativity play in society”.