Mission Vision and Values

Mission, Vision and Values

Muscat University’s mission, vision and values are underpinned by four essential themes: ethics, excellence, entrepreneurship and innovation.


Muscat University will transform individuals and communities through excellence in teaching and in research that is both rigorous and relevant. We will achieve success through:

  • Innovative, entrepreneurial and ethical approaches to our structure and to all our activities.
  • Scholarships that embrace collaboration and community engagement.
  • A learning environment that is supportive, creative and fulfilling.
  • An inclusive culture of global citizenship.

Vision and Values

The vision of Muscat University is to be a beacon of excellence in innovation and entrepreneurship in its chosen focus areas for Oman and for the wider region. Muscat University will deliver high quality teaching supported by research that is relevant to the social and economic priorities of Oman and the region.

The rigour and relevance of this research activity will facilitate the recruitment and retention of high quality academics, benefit national and international accreditation processes and procedures, and enhance the status of the University in national and regional rankings. Central to the vision of Muscat University is the incorporation of innovative and entrepreneurial approaches to all aspects of its structure and operation. The University will be agile and flexible as it continues to evolve in a landscape of higher education characterised by rapid and constant change. Muscat University’s vision is to create a higher education environment in Oman for both Omani and international students that is conducive to producing cadres of future leaders in both the public and private sectors.

These leaders will be capable of operating internationally and will reflect the core values of the University:


A strong commitment to ethics: this is central and critical to our long-term success as a University. Every University student, academic and staff member must hold themselves to the highest ethical standards, and the University will not accept or allow anything less.


Full compliance with all laws and regulations of Oman and of any other country in which students, staff or academics are active.


A learning environment that is positive, creative and rewarding, that promotes individual expression, innovation and achievement, where students, staff and academics are offered opportunities to grow personally and professionally and where all are treated with respect and dignity.


All processes and decisions in recruiting, developing and promoting students, staff and academics are based on merit. Responsible business practices and social investments to create long-term sustainable value in helping transform societies and communities, in conserving limited resources, and in protecting the environment.


An environment encouraging and enabling of innovation and entrepreneurship at the core of the University’s structure and activities.

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