Muscat University’s mission, vision and values are underpinned by four essential themes: ethics, excellence, entrepreneurship and innovation.


To transform individuals and communities through industry-engaged, research-informed teaching and learning that is both rigorous and relevant. We will achieve success by providing a conducive learning environment in an inclusive culture of global citizenship. We will facilitate scholarship that embraces collaboration, community engagement and promotes innovative, entrepreneurial and ethical approaches in all our activities.


To be a beacon of excellence in innovation and entrepreneurship, delivering high-quality teaching, facilitating learning and conducting rigorous research that is relevant to the social and economic priorities of Oman and of the wider region in our chosen focus areas.


Muscat University students and staff are strongly committed to:

  • Excellence in a learning environment that enables personal and professional growth.

  • Ethics where every University student and staff member holds him/herself to the highest ethical standards.

  • Full compliance with all Laws and Regulations of Oman and any other country in which students and staff are active.

  • Responsible business practices and social investments that create long-term sustainable value in helping transform societies and communities.

  • Being responsive to global, societal and environmental issues.

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