Project Management Course

Project Management Course


2 Days


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7 - 8 February 2018


Dr. Christine Unterhitzenberger


Projects are gaining more and more importance in organisations. The value of capital projects undertaken worldwide will double in the period between 2015 and 2025 and organisations are increasingly recognising that it is beneficial for their business to manage change through projects. As a consequence project managers need to be highly skilled and knowledgeable in order to address the challenges in their projects. The Introductory PM Seminar by Muscat University in cooperation with Liverpool Business School provides an opportunity to learn best-practice and research-informed tools and skills for effective project management. You will explore various components of the project management landscape, including project life cycle management, project management processes and project frameworks and methodologies.

This includes finding effective solutions for your own real challenges by interacting with leading experts and your peers. And you will learn how to use effective management techniques to transform complex ideas into a structured and successful plan, and how to manage multi-disciplinary teams through a focus on behavioural aspects.

You can put the concepts you learn during the Introductory PM Seminar into action at work immediately. Upon successful completion of this seminar you will receive a certificate from Muscat University and Liverpool Business School



Who Is It For?

Any one interested or a practitioner of this discipline shall benefit from this course

Learning Outcomes

Having followed the seminar, you should be able to:

  1. Understand how project management is done.
  2. Critically evaluate organisational approaches to project management.
  3. Analyse the concepts of stakeholders, success criteria and critical success factors in the context of projects
  4. Critically evaluate methods for the management of the project life cycle
  5. Investigate the strategic, tactical and operational context of projects and project management
  6. Demonstrate competence and professionalism in the use of basic project management tools.

The seminar seeks to develop your understanding of the context of projects, and give you some specific skills in project management. The subject of project management is increasingly multi-disciplinary in nature and this module reflects this by providing you with an understanding of the technical, organisational, behavioural and systems issues of projects. As well as providing understanding of the design and delivery of projects, the seminar will introduce a number of tools and techniques for managing activities throughout the project life cycle.

The seminar will adopt an interactive approach, i.e. during the sessions group-work, discussions and case studies will be utilized to inform the learning.

Dr. Christine Unterhitzenberger

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