1 year / up to 3 years

Study type

Full -Time / Part-Time

Credit hours



Taught modules 60%, individual project 40%

Programme Details

The MSc in Management and Entrepreneurship adds value to applicants’ first degrees by providing individuals with integrated and critical awareness of management and organisations, subsequently developing a specialised focus in entrepreneurship, and assisting them in pursing an entrepreneurial career. This degree programme is one of a set of postgraduate programmes designed by Cranfield University and offered at Muscat University. This is a dual degree programme, leading to the award of a Cranfield University degree and a Muscat University degree

Programme Objectives

The MSc in Management and Entrepreneurship   aims to:

  • Provide students with a comprehensive and advanced understanding of the impact of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial processes at multi- levels.
  • Create opportunities for students to develop critical perspectives on theories and to review and evaluate the appropriateness that underpin the constituent entrepreneurship and management subjects.
  • Develop students’ capabilities to critically analyse the current issues in the field of management and entrepreneurship.
  • Enhance students’ lifelong learning through the development of management and entrepreneurship knowledge.

Admission Requirements

  • An English-medium undergraduate degree from a recognized university at second class honours level or above (or equivalent).
  • Relevant work experience in combination with a degree below second class honours.
  • A minimum English language proficiency level equivalent to IELTS 6.5. (with a minimum of 6.5 in the writing component)
Mod# Module Title Credits
01 Marketing Strategy and Planning 10
02 Managing People and Organisations 10
03 Managing Profitability, Liquidity and Asset Utilisation 10
04 Managing Operations 10
05 Entrepreneurship 10
06 Family Business Management 10
07 Strategic Management 10
08 Disruptive Innovation 10
09 Managing Business Growth 10
10 Entrepreneurial Finance 10
11 Corporate Entrepreneurship 10
12 Social Enterprise and Entrepreneurism 10