At Muscat University, we work closely with our clients and our academic partners, Cranfield and Aston Universities, to design and develop high-impact bespoke Executive Education programmes for our clients. All our customised programmes are designed and implemented as integrated elements of our clients’ broader leadership and management in-house initiatives.

Our Executive Education Programmes typically comprise academic content delivered through:

Case studies and interactive group discussions.

Specific application of academic concepts addressing our client’s challenges and opportunities.

Client Co-designed case studies to take into account and apply relevant academic content to our client’s business imperatives.

Academic and industry speakers to provide relevant insight to areas of interest to our clients.

The Muscat University team approaches each client assignment for a customised Executive Education programme with the utmost dedication for the provision of a world-class service. We will work with our partners and together we will understand your needs and any specific requirements that you have with the view to create a powerful and transformative learning experience for your senior executives.

In order to discuss your organisation’s needs for the development of customised Executive Education programmes, that address your current needs, please send an e-mail to Professor Costas Chryssou, Deputy Vice-Chancellor for Enterprise and Engagement at