Muscat University, the newest university in Oman, is ready to welcome students to experience high-quality international education, opening doors to global opportunities in their respective field of study whilst studying in Oman. With a vision to produce future leaders in both the public and private sectors, the university plans to set new educational standards by combining academic rigour with the world of work and a strong commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship.

In partnership with the internationally renowned and highly-ranked Aston and Cranfield Universities in the UK, Muscat university offers leading Bachelor and Master’s programmes in Business & Management, Transport & Logistics and Engineering & Technology, along with Foundation and preparatory English programmes. On successful completion of their programmes, students at Muscat University will receive two certificates from Muscat University and its relevant partner institution (Aston University for the Bachelor degrees and Cranfield University for the Master’s).

Offering a viable local alternative for Omani and expatriate students resident in Oman, Muscat University also aims to welcome a significant proportion of international students from outside Oman, thus enabling a strong international cohort of students in a global learning environment. Muscat University is further enhancing the student experience by heavily investing in the development of students’ entrepreneurial skills through activities that complement their classroom experiences such as industry placements and exchange programmes to develop career-ready graduates and global citizens.

The faculty members at Muscat University have wide ranging experience in global and local contexts, and are experts in their respective fields. Most of the teaching will be delivered by ‘flying faculty’ from both Cranfield and Aston Universities.  Professor Anthony Cahalan, Vice Chancellor of Muscat University, commented, “We look forward to welcoming our first Bachelor and Master’s students to begin in September 2017. Many students have already registered an interest in our programmes and we hope that by providing high-quality international education in Muscat, we can empower Omani and international students to achieve their dreams.”

Muscat University has moved into its own purpose-built premises right in the heart of the city in Al Ghubrah. To know more or to register your interest, log on to