Muscat University takes part at the Oman Education Council seminar

To help prepare a plan for education in accordance with the future trends identified in the 9th and 10th national development plans, a seminar was organised on Monday by the Education Council.

The seminar was organised at Al Wahat Club in Muscat today a seminar on “Education, Development Trends, and Current and Future Employment Opportunities in the Labour Market” under the patronage of Dr. Rawya bint Saud al-Busaidiyah, Minister of Higher Education, Chairperson of the Education Council.

Professor Costas Chryssou, Deputy Vice Chancellor of Muscat University for Enterprise and Engagement presented the second working paper on the Global Trends related to the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and the Implications on Education and the Labour Market. Building on the third industrial revolution, which was based on the development of computers and advanced communication technologies and materials, we are now experiencing the early stages of the fourth industrial revolution; this brings together digital, physical and biological systems. This presentation depicts examples of the fourth industrial revolution across industries and human endeavours, and explores its anticipated impacts on business and the job market, on education and skills required and on government and policy makers. It argues that the fourth industrial revolution based on artificial intelligence, digital, virtual, big data, and robotics presents a great opportunity with the potential to connect billions more people to digital networks, improve the efficiency of organisations, enable disruptive new economic and business models, and even change the way humans exist forever.

It further suggests that this opportunity comes with great risks of organisations not engaging and adopting these new technologies and governments not being able to regulate these technologies properly.

Please, click here to download the presntaion.