Muscat University’s Board Of Trustees discusses university’s progress

The second meeting of the Board of Trustees of Muscat University was held last week. The meeting was chaired by Dr. Juma bin Ali Al Juma, Chairman of the Board and in the presence of the Deputy Chair, Sayyid Khalid bin Hamad Al Busaidi, and a number of Board members from government entities, the private sector and businessmen from inside and outside the Sultanate. The meeting took place at the temporary offices of the University in Children’s Public Library, Al Qurm.

Board Chair opened the meeting by welcoming the present members. Further, he pointed to the role of the Board in the promotion and advancement of the university at local and global levels. The Board then addressed a number of issues related to the operation of the university. The Board also reviewed MU budget for the academic year 2016\ 2017 and forwarded it to the Board of Directors for approval. In addition, the Board looked at policies and operational regulations of the University and took appropriate decisions towards them. Professor Anthony Cahalan, MU Vice-Chancellor presented to members of the Board a power point presentation on the progress achieved by MU so far. The presentation illustrated the progress of the university in the academic field with the Universities of Aston and Cranfield in the United Kingdom. It also showed the progress in constructing the new building of the in Al Ghubra area. In their interventions, BoT members proposed a number of strategies to attract students to the Muscat University in the future; both from inside or outside Oman, and to engage the university with labor market institutions through academic programs, research, consultancy and training.

At the conclusion of the meeting, Dr. Juma bin Ali Al Juma, Chairman of the Board expressed thanks to all members of the Council, praising them for their continued support of Muscat University and their contributions to its growth and evolution.