Muscat University stall at Higher Education Exhibition attracts visitors

Muscat Daily Newspaper

At the recently concluded Higher Education Exhibition at the Oman International Exhibition Centre, all eyes were on the newest university in Oman, Muscat University. Curious students and parents visited the stall to know more about the courses on offer. “We were delighted to interact with so many eager and bright young Omani and international students at the stall and more than 90 have filled forms, registering their interest in joining. We look forward to welcoming them as the very first batch at Muscat University for the Foundation and Pre-master’s pathway Programmes,” said David Liston, director of marketing, Recruitment and Admissions, Muscat University. In 2016, Muscat University will operate out of the Children’s Public Library in Qurm. In September 2017, Muscat University will move to their own  premises right in the heart of the city in Ghubra. Affiliated to the renowned Aston and Cranfield Universities of the UK, Muscat University will offer Bachelor and Master’s programmes in Business and Management, Engineering and Technology and Transport and Logistics. Liston added, “The teaching faculty will be from these universities. The dual degrees that will be awarded will open up a world of opportunity for our students.”